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Mowing Trimming Edging

At Milo's Lawn Care Services we know life can get busy at different times. That's why we have no contracts for residential mowing, if you no longer need us just let us know before our next visit. No questions asked. We are here dedicated to providing Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas with professional, obsessed, and caring lawn care service.

Aeration Dethatching Dirt Work

If your yard is feeling really bumpy or sponge like, it may be over compacted or the grass just isn't getting enough water into the soil and that thatch is just absorbing all the moisture. Dethatching helps remove dead and unnecessary thatch, which will in turn promote healthy growth. Aeration allows for more nutrients, water, and oxygen into the grass root system. Please call, text, or email for details and pricing.

Grass Seed Sprouting

Lawn Restoration & Overseeding

Patchy grass, dead spots, drought damage, whatever the case may be, Milos Lawn Care Services will do our best to restore your lawn. Please call, text, or email for details and pricing.

Hedge Trimming & Yard Clean Out

Bushes getting out of hand? Starting to lose grip of your yard space? Call now! We are prepared to help you claim it back and get your space back to how it used to be. 

Haul Away Yard Waste
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